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3D Animation

1000 words / picture, thirty pictures / second

Our client projects to date haven't required extensive 3D animation, so our animation portfolio is not extensive doesn't yet demonstrate our full capabilities in this area. We're aiming to put together a full reel by spring 2015 to better demonstrate the higher-quality results that are possible if your project requires top-notch animation.

Notes Quick and simple fly-through animation of our low-poly CVS drug-store scene. Produced for proofing purposes and not indicative of the higher resolution and more photo-realistic results that can be achieved.
Client Planet Poker / HotHouse Marketing & Design
Notes We had less than a week to come up with the concept and realize it into a broadcast ready deliverable. The biggest challange was the chips - 3D particle physics would take days to calculate a pile of thousands of poker chips so with a little trial and error we came up with a creative solution that was good enough to trick the eye.
Notes SmartStud needed a straightforward animation to demo their solution for a specific highway project. More important than realism was accuracy of speed, distance and scale ... and, as always, the deadline was yesterday!
Notes Produced years ago for an early demo reel - a little dated now, but a fun accomplishment at the time.

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